Friday, January 22, 2010

More Birthday Pics

Here are some pics of Me Crissy and Calvin in Tennessee.

My birthday Trip To Tennessee

Here are some Pictures from our Chattanooga Trip we took for my Birthday. We had a great time Crissy and I playing in the Snow and the OLD MAN!!!! it was the best Present I could ask for. This was on top of Lookout Mountain. Crissy had like 5 shirts on LOL and I had 3 shirts and Thermal Pants and Jeans and was still Freezing LOL LOL.

Skins Glued

Here is a picture of my Inner Skins glued to the Frame and a pic of my Outer glued. The glue was perfect!!!! I didn;t melt anything on my Skins, now I need to glue all the Detail pieces on.I will be working on my Dome again this Weekend. Also R3's Right tire the valve Stem broke somehow, so now I bought me the solod tires which I have to switch out this Weekend.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Christmas Pictures And Other Stuff

Here are some pics of our Family and stuff, Crissy drilling her Dome Bearing holes Calvin and Keith working on Keith's Droid, R2,R3,and the rest of our family at Christmas.

Laser Cut Styrene Dome

Here is my Laser cut Styrene Dome, I thought I took a picture of the before I popped out the panels but I didn't so I have the after pictures. I started on this 3 weeks after my Surgery, after I popped the pieces out I sanded all the pieces and the Dome. The Dome is awesome but, The laser cutter got off on some of the panels, so I will have to sand more and make up for the difference. I only need to do a little sanding on the inner to get it to fit together properly and the I will start putting the pits in it to smooth it out, More to come.

Glueing On Skins

Here is my Inner and Outer skins being prepped to glue I was scared at first glueing the skins, because it is so easy to melt. I taped my skins on R3 but since I am building Dave's way I had to glue them. And to my surprise I did good I haven't melted anything yet ;o ) it is turning out good, but I'm not finished yet. I will post more when I finish glueing all of it.

Frame Glued

Well I am finally gonna posts some of my progress, I started my Frame the week of Christmas and finished it Saturday. It was pretty easy doing it the Dave Everett way ;o )....
I did get one of my pieces crooked and then had to cut it back out and redo, but now it's finished.