Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starting R2-Q5

R2-Q5 was an R2-series Astromech Droid . R2-Q5 had black coverings highlighted by copper access panels. R2-Q5 was a well-equipped droid, with tools for repairing starships and special, hidden spy devices. He was also one of the few beings aware of IG-88A's infiltration of the Death Star.
During the latter stages of the Galatic Civil War, R2-Q5 was assigned to the second Death Star above the Moon Of Endor. When a Rebel attack destroyed corridors in the second Death Star, an R4 droid carrying a vital message was immobilized. R2-Q5 had to download the data from the downed droid and deliver it to the Emperer. He was destroyed in the explosion of the second Death Star.
Next week I will be ordering my Styrene for the Frame and Skins, and will be starting a new adventure ;o )