Sunday, April 3, 2011

R2-Q5 Dome Painted

I have the Black on my Dome painted today I normally do the Painting myself but I let Calvin paint this It has a couple of spots that did not show up till we painted it. So when I go to work tomorrow I will check and see how it looks Hopefully when it dries a little more I won't see it, If so I guess I'll wet sand with higher grit sandpaper. Once I get the Copper painted on the Dome I will post more pics.

He's Got Legs LOL!!!

Here are some steps for my Legs Finally got them done. It was actually easy If you follow Dave's plans it will turn out as good as mine did :o ).

Center Ankle

Here are pics of the center ankle, I don't have all the pics as I forgot to take some of my progress. it's basically the same process as the outter ankles It turned out nice, I have to use ever coat on the beefy ankle part as I have a gap for some reason so I'll just fill it in.

Outter Ankles

Here is my outter Ankles, I cut all my pieces first and then started glueing.
First I glued the larger flat pieces and then started on the smaller pieces, once you get it all together then you build the beefy ankle pieces. I built mine on the ankle so I could get it as acurate as possible, Which was very easy. I used my little helpers to hold the pieces in place while the glue tacked up. After that You start skinning the ankle to finish off the piece.

Progress Pictures of Skirt

Here are some pics of my skirt I haven't updated in a while, Been too busy so I am doing all of my progress pics now :o ). This was pretty easy as we used the right MM this time. It was very easy useing Dave's plans.

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Birthday Pics

Here are some pics of Me Crissy and Calvin in Tennessee.

My birthday Trip To Tennessee

Here are some Pictures from our Chattanooga Trip we took for my Birthday. We had a great time Crissy and I playing in the Snow and the OLD MAN!!!! it was the best Present I could ask for. This was on top of Lookout Mountain. Crissy had like 5 shirts on LOL and I had 3 shirts and Thermal Pants and Jeans and was still Freezing LOL LOL.